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What Inspires Cliff

to Do This?


Standing Together for a Better 77th House District


Cliff has been fighting for the 77th House District ALL of his life.  He believes support for education, economic development, safe communities, and access to quality, affordable health care are key to the development of an even better Commonwealth of Virginia. Growing up in the South Norfolk borough of the City of Chesapeake, Cliff learned from many leaders in the community that the quality of life of a community has to be fought for. 

After graduating from college, Cliff returned to the community he was raised in to lend a hand as a little league baseball coach, then later served as a Board Member of the South Norfolk Boys Baseball, Inc.  He later joined Chesapeake Men for Progress and Chesapeake Forward where he witnessed the work and influence of leaders giving back by investing their time and resources to uplift others.  Cliff eventually adopted the philosophy that his civic involvement and service is a debt that's owed.  Hence, he's been paying it forward ever since. 

Cliff served two terms on Chesapeake City Council after being elected in 2004 and 2008.  Then, in a special election in November 2016, Cliff was elected to fill an unexpired term in the Virginia General Assembly as a Delegate representing the 77th House District.  

Cliff serves on several committees to include:  Appropriations (Higher Education and Capital Outlay Subcommittees); Communications,  Technology, and InnovationHealth, Welfare, and Institutions.  He also serves as a member of the Joint Commission on Technology and Science (Chairman), Joint Commission on Health Care and the Substance Abuse Advisory Council.  By vocation, Cliff has over 20 successful years in Technology management. 

Cliff is married to the lovely Kecia Brothers Hayes and they have two daughters, Felecia - a senior track athlete at The College of William & Mary and Tonecia - a second-year law student at The University of Maryland and graduate (Communications and Political Science) of Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU).


The Hayes Family resides in Chesapeake, where the family roots run deep in the 77th House District.

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A Tribute to a Freedom Fighter of The 77th

Delegate Hayes' Committee Assignments

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    General Assembly

     See Delegate Hayes

    In Richmond, VA

    January 13 - February 27, 2021

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    BUDGET FY21-22


The 2021 General Assembly session was not without challenges.  However, because of ingenuity, perseverance, and vision, over 1,000 bills and resolutions were considered with the backdrop of physical distancing and  virtual meetings.  Due to COVID-19, the Capitol remains  closed to in-person visitation until further notice.  However, the work must go on.  The House session met 100% virtually, including floor, committee, and subcommittee meetings.  According to General Assembly rules, the only time legislation can be passed is during a General Assembly Session.   The session began January 13th at 12 Noon and adjourned February 27th. Delegate Hayes is always happy to meet with you.  To schedule a meeting,  please call our office today.  757-364-0272


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